Our berets are made of 100% wool, which may require some stretching to get the perfect fit before wearing. Wool can be very forgiving, but you should still take some care to avoid damaging the fabric.


Step 1: Moisten the brim of the beret with warm (not hot) water. Try to avoid getting the top of the beret wet or you may cause shrinkage where you don't stretch it out.


Step 2: Gently place the beret on an upside bowl, around a rolled up towel, or even over your head, and leave it until it's dried into shape. Alternatively, you can pull with your hands along the band with even tension as it dries, circling around the band to ensure each section is stretched evenly. Do not hold onto opposite ends and stretch without motion, as you could cause rips or weaken the band in some areas. 

This can be repeated multiple times to increase the size of the opening.


NOTE: Be careful avoid getting your beret wet or too hot after stretching to avoid shrinking it back to the original size. Alternatively, if after consistent wear your beret stretches out too much for you, it can be shrunk by placing the brim in hot water, or gently steaming with a low temperature iron, then pushing the beret into shape and allowed to dry.