We believe that ethical sourcing is multi-faceted. It isn’t simply using organic materials, or paying at least minimum wage, it’s the process of systematically choosing the best option across a variety of factors. We produce many different products with different industry standards, so with each new addition, we learn more about how to assess the social, environmental, and individual impacts we make by running this business. 


We want you to have the best product possible, so here’s how we ensure that happens:



    All collections are 100% custom cut and sew in process, involving months of fabric selection, fit iterations, and strict manufacturing supervision. From manufacturing, products are quality-checked, organized, packed and labelled in our own warehouse, then shipped to customers. Even our customer service team is fully in-house, never outsourced beyond our small, devoted team. 

    Beyond our methodology, we have an extensive list of responsibilities we adhere to while making products, which includes:

Responsibility to Social Welfare throughout the Supply Chain

  • Fabric Selection: All fabrics used in our products are produced in the same country as the manufacturer. In most cases, and with all of our Basics products, this is Canada.
  • Any manufacturer we work with outside Canada must submit social audits and documentation to prove they follow our standards in social policy. 
  • Our Social Labour Standards: 
    • Dignity, respect, and concern for all workers in all steps of the supply chain;
    • Fair wages;
    • Reasonable working hours;
    • The ability and support to develop unions or worker representation;
    • The ability to file grievances anonymously;
    • A strong stance against discrimination of any kind, channels to report violations;
    • No child labour, additional protections against occupational hazards for workers under 20;
    • Occupational Health and Safety checks and audits, including checking staff compliance to wearing required PPE;
    • Funding for social security including healthcare, accident insurance, and holiday pay;
    • Building safety including fire alarm checks, carbon dioxide monitor checks, building safety inspections, etc.
    • We do not work with distributors without specific factory audits, or factories who allow home working or piecework;
    • No precarious employment, no forced employment, no bonded labour;
    • Ethical business behaviour, without bribery, embezzlement, corruption, or extortion.
  • We produce most of our clothing in Toronto, Canada, and though there are strong labour laws to protect workers, and high general social support from our government, we only produce goods in factories we’ve personally visited, and would be proud for our customers to visit, too.
  • Any item not produced in Canada or the United States requires either Sedex or BSCI certification with passing grades, and the audit must be valid until the anticipated delivery date of the product. If we work with the manufacturer again, we request a new valid audit, as required. Both of these audit forms take into account all of our Labour Standards, as well as some Environmental Impact Assessments.


Responsibility to the Environment and Sustainability
  • When choosing materials to use for new products, we assess each item individually to provide the best quality, longest wear, and to minimize environmental impact.
  • Our Basics line utilizes cotton grown in the USA, with all fabric knitting, dyeing, and finishing done in Canada, most within less than 100 km of where the clothing is cut and sewn.
  • We frequently look into new technological options, especially with regard to packaging and shipping. While we currently use recyclable poly mailers, we are also examining other options, including compostable, recycled, and extra thick paper shipping bags.
  • All of our shipping bags are produced in the USA, made from a minimum of 30% recycled content, and are recyclable with film plastic collection in most areas (so are most of your other shipping bags, don’t mix them into your garbage!).
  • Our distribution warehouse is based in Toronto, Canada, only a few kilometers away from where our largest volume of clothing is produced, reducing the impact of transportation emissions, one of the largest issues in sustainable production. We manufacture locally to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We are not fast fashion, we produce quality, timeless items that should be with you for a long time. 

As always, we’re here to help, so please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about our products. 

Contact our customer service team at hello@tsuki.market